Canvas, Your Love Design, 20x30 cm -

Canvas, Your Love Design, 20x30 cm

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Production time: 4 working days
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We like couples like the two of you! You are unique, crazy and – most importantly – so much in love with each other! This is why we created this template for you. For both of you. To help you capture your fondest and most romantic memories forever! You surely have lots of them in your smartphones, tablet memory and computer hard disks, right? Pick those you return to most often. We will do the rest!

We have created this template for lovers and we dedicate it to the two of you. To make your snapshots look even more romantic, we offer you a few sweet cliparts, romantic frames and decorative motifs you can use when preparing your project. Let your imagination loose and bring some magic to your photos so that they may soon be displayed in a prominent place in your home. Just to fill it with more love!

Photo paintings – the new dimension of your pictures A modern printing technology allows you to transfer your photos to a high-quality cotton canvas with weight of 360 gsm. Pick one of over a dozen horizontal, vertical and square formats with dimensions ranging from 20x30 cm up to 70x100 cm. Make your photo painting any way you want.

The painting is based on an internal wooden frame. Thanks to that, it occupies the entire area of the canvas, and you don’t need to worry about the final touch or installation. You can simply hang the photo painting on your wall. The printed sides (2 cm or 4 cm thick) create an exceptional 3D effect, while a metal hook hidden in the photo painting’s frame allows for easy installation.

Hanging element: 1
Hanging method: hanging
Thickness: 20
Execution material: canvas – 2 cm


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