Photo puzzles, I Love You, 9 elements -

Photo puzzles, I Love You, 9 elements

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We’ve created this template with lovers in mind. Incurable romantic couples that don’t want to spend a single moment without each other. The idea is to keep your best memories in an entirely new form. Pick those photos you love to return to and we will turn them into a photo jigsaw puzzle for you to discover them anew each day. We cared to include exceptional love-related motifs to add more charm to your favourite snapshots. It is one of our most modern, universal and romantic patters. It would make a great gift on the occasion of your important anniversaries or without an occasion. For her, for him – for the two of you!
Designing your own jigsaw puzzle is great fun! Select your favourite pictures, use our intuitive online editor and turn them into something unique and unconventional. Photo jigsaw puzzle in many formats, from 100 up to 200 pieces, printed on special cardboard or made on varnish-covered wooden panels. A perfect way to keep your best memories or prepare a unique gift for those you care about.

Number of elements: 9
Execution material: cardboard
Product height: 150
Thickness: 2
Product width: 210

* order processing time = production time + delivery time



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Photo Puzzles

Make your own personalized photo puzzles and let your loved ones enjoy them one piece at a time. Our custom photo puzzles offer an ideal way to turn your favourite snaps into an amazing birthday gift, anniversary gift or a family keepsake. Enjoy many hours of fun, piecing together your family pictures. From 20 puzzle pieces up to 600 puzzle pieces.



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